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Post  Jim Kundreskas on Fri Sep 11, 2009 4:40 pm

I have several suggestions.
First up, why can't I make a suggestion under the 'Suggestion' heading? It sure seems like you really don't want to see any. Secondly, I write this on 9-11-09. Last year, about this same time of year, a current board member told me how proud she was to see all the little flags placed out front by the gate on 9-11-08. That was very gracious of her to say and, to this day, I am grateful she took the time to tell me that. Today, I went out to get my mail about 3 p.m. and noticed no little flags, and our big flag was not at half staff as federal law requires. In case somebody doesn't know if they can believe me, you can look it up. Passed by a joint resolution of Congress and signed into law by President George W. Bush, today is Patriot Day and flags should be flown at half staff. My own flag is being displayed properly as, I noticed earlier today, is the one on lot #100. My heart today felt only shame to see nobody in Bluewater seemed to care a bit about 9/11. Third, now this one is more a question than a suggestion: this year, the ropes to our swim area were not put up until nearly the 4th of July instead of closer to Memorial Day. Will we be waiting until Thanksgiving for their removal or will it happen closer to Labor Day? Fourth, every time we resurface roads in here, we have to re-paint the speed bumps. The last couple of boards took care of this. Today, you can't hardly see some of the bumps on Poplar, Timber Tribe and S. Bluewater Blvd. Is anyone going to step up to the plate? Fifth, when is this current board going to abide by by-law 5.1 which states that the chairman can not also be in charge of security? Sixth, the Labor Day Cookout and Ice Cream Social (and other community events) were very well received by Bluewater residents last year. I cannot fathom why this has come to an end. This year .. zero, nothing. Lastly, I recently spoke to a lot owner on N. Bluewater Blvd. and was told they recently received a letter from the board. Please, tell me this current board isn't going back to the dark side and simply looking for trivial covenant violations and particularily, violations against one certain lot that has the unfortunate curse to live next to another certain lot?
Jim Kundreskas, lot 219

Jim Kundreskas

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very good suggestions

Post  Common Sense on Fri Sep 11, 2009 6:12 pm

You have some very valid points. Thanks for bringing up, though it may be a bit late for the next meeting.

Common Sense

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Post  pamwent on Mon Sep 14, 2009 7:13 am

I feel compelled to respond to several of Mr. Kundreskas' points.

1) I do not know why he cannot post a suggestion. I have an email into the person who put the website together for us and am waiting for some guidance as to how to correct that. As a resident, I am not able to post a suggestion either. It is some setting somewhere, but I have tried to figure it out and cannot. This website is a new venture and not all the wrinkles will be ironed out for a while. The discussion board part of our website is FREE and may not be ideal but I am trying to get it in shape. I HAVE NOT PURPOSEFULLY BLOCKED ANYONE FROM MAKING A SUGGESTION. In the meantime, people can post their suggestions and concerns undesr upcoming events.

2) I honestly thought you put the flags out last year as an expression of your own individual patriotism. You also were behind our getting the flag out front. If you feel this to be of importance, why not keep up your own participation?

3) The socials put together last year were mainly the result of Terry Babcock's efforts . We have asked Mr. Babcock to continue to put these functioins together and he has refused. We asked for someone to come forward to be a Community Events coordinator but have received no takers. Reference the last newsletter.

4) Violations to the covenants are addressed as they become known by members of the board or as we receive complaints. It is one of our responsibilities to address violations to the covenants and try to achieve compliance. If anyone knows of violations to the covenants, please bring it to the attention of one of the board members.

5) By-law 5.1 talks to "officers", specifically Pres, VP, Treas and Secretary and now, Asst Treas.. Security, waterfront, newsletter etc. are committee chairmen. Not officers. It was your idea that you resign from the waterfront when you were chairman. i don't remeber anyone forcing you to. I was under the impression that you didn't want to do it anymore what with being chairman. Karen has done security forever and I cannot fathom how the two roles present any kind of conflict. Besides it is not an officer positioin.

6) It would seem the swimming ropes are under the waterfront chairman function and will be addressed.

The amount of misinformation that is being circulated around the community is staggering. And quite disheartening. Everyone is quite ready to point fingers, to make accusations and to fling insults. The people who have taken on the duties of the association should be helped not hindered by others who are quick to insinuate bad intentions.



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Re: suggestion

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