concerned Bluewater property owner

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concerned Bluewater property owner

Post  Common Sense on Sat Sep 19, 2009 10:11 pm

Blue Water Board Members,

Every year our HOA fees get higher. However, where is the representation for the extra money that you are willing to put on the home owners? When the Developers moved into Blue Water, and mowed down the trees, and bought up all the lots, "that were supposed to be offered to your neighbor," based on our laws of our Subdivision, what attempts did our elected Bluewater officials make to "stop the actions," of the Developers?

According to the laws of our Subdivision, any owner selling their property, "must offer a sale to their neighbors, before that property goes out to the public, let alone a Developer." Many homeowners would have liked to buy the property next to them, but they were never offered the choice. I would like to know who owns the larger lots in our subdivision? When Developers came into our subdivision, and mow down the trees, and built one lot after another, on top of the previous older owners, it made a drastic change to the beautiful Bluewater subdivision. Bluewater use to be one of the most beautiful subdivisions at Lake Anna, based on the "wooded lots, privacy, quiet, and peaceful environment." Keep mowing down all the trees, that are also supposed to be protected. Actions to prevent such problems should be taken at the time of the problem, and not after the fact.

In case you have not notice, people are without jobs, the economy is terrible, and for every one job, there are six people waiting in line. So now is a great time to add more HOA fees to the Bluewater people! Several people have offered to do the Treasury work, and they have made their offer to do this work as Volunteers. These people have strong work histories, and they are perfectly capable of doing the job, without any fee. How about using your good financial judgement, to help the people in Bluewater, by "saving money for them," and giving this treasury work to the volunteers, instead of adding another charge to their budget? Some people in that Subdivision, don't even have jobs, and they have children to support. You were elected by the people of the subdivision, to work for them, and not against them.

Please help out your neighbor this year, and maintain the costs of the HOA fees, instead of raising the fees on people who are struggling in a bad economy.

Thank you.

Sharon Wallingsford

Common Sense

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