Board refuses to accept volunteers, etc.

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Board refuses to accept volunteers, etc.

Post  Common Sense on Sat Sep 19, 2009 10:24 pm

Good Morning Mr. Dellospidale:
Thanks for your email regarding your concerns at Bluewater. I am disappointed that you were not selected to serve as a volunteer for the association. I serve on two boards in Fredericksburg and we try never to refuse anyone that would like to volunteer for jobs in the community and with the Lions Club or my church. I would hope that we would be able to attend meetings of the board and it seems to me that having some of the meetings on Saturday would be a great improvement. Since many of the owners at Bluewater cannot attend because of their work schedules, meetings on a Saturday morning is an excellent proposal. I serve on our homeowners board here in Fredericksburg and we encourage our members to attend all our meetings. We have over 1900 members and we would like to hear from everyone. I admire and appreciate the work of the volunteers at Bluewater, but they should open the meetings at a more convenient time and place. I also thought that at our annual meeting in May we were asked for our Email address to receive the minutes of the board, but as of this date I have not received any of the minutes, maybe they decided to not send these minutes to those of us that requested a copy. I hope you will not become disappointed and will continue to work for a better Bluewater.

With sincere best wishes,
Douglas C. Holbrook

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